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Thank you for your interest in Micro Championship Wrestling: The Greatest Little Show On Earth! We pride ourselves on being a full entertainment package that can add value to a venue with every show. We are an entertainment group that tours America turning venues into midget wrestling arenas and giving crowds an unforgettable experience that keeps them begging for more. Once you see an MCW show live its’ hard not to turn into a Micro Maniac for life. With our customized 12x12 ring you only need 144 square feet to turn your venue into the temporary home of the world’s leading professional midget wrestling company.

With MCW you get an action packed 90 minute fully choreographed show that constantly keeps the crowd engaged. Your experience starts a minimum of 3 hours before doors open where we arrive and set up the ring and help hang up promotional material. Former WCW Pro Wrestling star Johnny Attitude is your host for all the play by play action. Each Superstar has an introduction of their character while establishing who the good/bad guys are. Afterwards there are 3-4 matches for the next hour and a half with the main event being an all-out six midget Royal Rumble that drives the crowd wild and sends ALCOHOL sales through the roof! After the show the superstars stick around for pictures/autographs and hang out with the fans all night long.



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After you leave an MCW event, you are guaranteed to be a Micro Maniac for life!


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