Greatest Little Show on Earth

Micro Championship Wrestling: the greatest little show on earth! It is the ultimate sports entertainment package with the world’s most elite micro-athletes! It is an action packed show that highlights the unique talents of our micro-athletes while recreating the magic of attitude era wrestling. Since 2009 MCW has been touring the country selling out Casinos, State & County Fairs, Amusement Parks, Bike Rallies, Night Clubs and so much more! We have performed for celebrities like Arnold Schwarzenegger and Ronnie Coleman to some of the biggest charities in the world including the National Breast Cancer Society, Kym’s Kids, 50 Legs, and Wounded Warrior. Our wrestlers were featured on Tru-TV’s hit show Hulk Hogan’s Micro Championship Wrestling that averaged 1 Million viewers a WEEK in the United States not including the Micro Maniacs across the globe in 62 other countries!

MCW woud like to give a special thank you to © Sinister Underground Productions for providing photography.

Blixx- Parts Unknown
Standing at only 38inches tall weighing 75 pounds Blixx the “Tiny Terror” is the first ever MCW Champion and the nightmare that lives underneath your bed

Johnny G. –
Former WCW Superstar
“Johnny Attitude” is the President
and CEO of Micro Championship Wrestling

Huggy Cubb –
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
4’2 110 lbs he claims to be the illegitimate child of Huggy Bear and is known as the “Biggest Pimp In The Game”

Sunshine –
Key West, Florida-
Standing only 4’4 tall and weighing a whopping 190lbs, he was formerly known as Buddy “The Bulldog” Wilson until recently discovering his true inner-persona as the most fabulous midget wrestler in the world!

Cowboy Kid Quick –
Dallas, Texas.
At 4’4 112 lbs he is a high flying cowboy from the wild wild west and is your current
MCW Champion!

King Samoa –
Fiji Islands
Standing in at 4’4 weighing 146lbs he is a
3rd generation athlete and an
8-time National Champion wrestler

Lt. Dan –
Parris Island, South Carolina.
At 4’2 105 lbs he a rookie on the tour and a former highly skilled First Lieutenant in the
United States Army

The Mini Shiek –
Baghdad Iraq
He is 4’10 169lbs from behind enemy lines, a gold-medalist with an undefeated record in the Middle East


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